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If you have any blame or reclaimation, please contact the main developer. Anyways, you are welcome to idle with us on the FreeNode IRC server. We're usually online during the weekend and between 19 and 23 GMT during the rest of the week.


Here is the list of people behind OpenCity. If your name is not listed here, please call your favorite hot-line.


Graphisme and ideas

Quality assurance

  • marvelloard, OpenCity's quality assurance lordWolfgang BAUERLinux beta tester
  • magusx, OpenCity's quality assurance padawanTymon DOUGLASLinux / Win32 beta tester

Translation and localization


  • Stephen M. WEBBConfigure patch
  • Bartosz DEBSKIOpenCity's homesite banner
  • Nicolas PASCOLIVarious 3D models
  • Victor STINNERMulti-Agent System
  • Bruno DLUBAKMacOS X beta tester
  • "pucelo"Various industrial models
  • And othersFor minor contributions
  • And you !For reading this
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