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The purpose of this page is to show the visual progression of the project. That's why you can see the pictures such as "the simple grid" and the "OutOfMap panic" :-D There are also few screenshots which show my failure to get something working. They are here to remind you that it is not easy to write OpenCity. IMHO, beautiful, well chosen screenshots are not useful for developers but marketing purposes only.

Copyright notice: All the screenshots are in the public domain. It means that you can do anything with them.

0.0.5  0.0.4  0.0.3  0.0.2  0.0.1

version 0.0.5

Water, transparency and 3D textured terrain take the game rendering to another level.

Alpha tree - Not a lemon one
The alpha blue tree
Feb 10th, 08
Main status bar
The main status bar
Oct 20th, 07
Oh dad, we have a strange car
Apr 7th, 07
Freed's private island
That's Freed's private island
Jun 8th, 07

version 0.0.4

"Trees and hills" is the theme of this edition. New models have been added to the game which make OpenCity look more eye-candy. Some rendering bugs are also fixed.

Trees and hills
Jul 30th, 06
Psycho by haypo
Oct 2nd, 06
Pucelo's city
Pucelo's city
Oct 2nd, 06
OutOfMap panic
The OutOfMap panic
Oct 2nd, 06

version 0.0.3

With textured models and terrain, the third stable release of OpenCity looks much more interesting. Thanks to the platform independant design and SDL library, OpenCity also works under Macintosh.

Textured terrain
Textured terrain
Apr 11th, 05
OpenCity running on MacOS
Feb 3rd, 06
Chez bob
Chez bob
Nov 15th, 04
Nuclear power
Nuclear power
Dec 6th, 04

version 0.0.2

This release featured the "toolcircle" which can be invoked by clicking on the right mouse button. We believe that it's the fastest way to access frequently used tools in game. We attempted to improve the rendering with lighting in OpenGL.

Mar 25th, 04
The query tool
The query tool
Apr 18th, 04
The mushrooms
The mushrooms
May 23th, 04
The agent
The agent
Jun 6th, 04

version 0.0.1

This very early days of OpenCity. It was nothing than a quick and dirty hack of SDL and OpenGL demos.

The simple grid
The simple grid
Oct 23th, 03
The less simple grid
Less simple grid
Nov 08th, 03
The RCI grid
Hello world !
Nov 29th, 03
Leviate the world !
Jan 21st, 04
Lay some roads, guys !
Roads please
Jan 29th, 04
Electricity please
Jan 30th, 04
Be the first
Be the first
Feb 8th, 04
Win32 stable ?
Win32 stable, really ?
Feb 23th, 04
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