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OpenCity tutorial - Step 4: main menu

This tutorial step describes the OpenCity main menu icons. If you don't know how to play OpenCity, please read the step 1 - the toolcircle tutorial, then the step 2 - the zone powering tutorial, and the step 3 - the main status bar tutorial.

The main menu icons

The main menu can be reached anytime by pressing the Escape touch. Currently, the main menu displays 4 buttons: the new city button, the load button, the save button and the quit button.

The new city button

The start new city button

Image 4-1: New city button

The Image 4-1 shows the new city button. When you click on this button, a new city map is generated by the game and you restart the game from the beginning. Don't try it if you didn't save your current city yet.

The load button

The load city button

Image 4-2: Load button

The Image 4-2 shows the load button. In OpenCity, you have one and only one save slot right now. When you click on this button, the game loads the previously saved game for you.

The save button

The save city button

Image 4-3: Save button

The Image 4-3 shows the save button. When you click on this button, your city is saved. Currently, OpenCity handles only one save slot. It will overwrite any previously saved city.

The quit button

The quit city button

Image 4-4: Quit button

The Image 4-4 shows the quit button. When you're tired, or bored in OpenCity, just click on this button and you'll be sent back to your favorite Operating System...

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